How to Save Money Buying Large Iguana Cages

If you are interested in saving money on large iguana cages then the first step is determining what size of cages you need for your pet iguana. The majority of iguanas fall into the same size so you could review online resources like KBMDC to get the measurements of the average large iguana. When you have the have the average measurements you can then start looking for iguana cages that actually meet those requirements, don’t worry it is not a hard process to implement.


Picking the Most Suitable Iguana Cage Manufacturer

Look for all of the manufacturers that produce iguana cages that are suitable for the iguana you have. When you have those names you have to really screen them by finding out some basic particulars about the manufacturer.

How long have they been producing iguana cages for the public? Don’t trust your pets with firms that are not well established. Try to focus on manufacturers that have been producing these cages for a couple of years, the longer they have been making the cages the easier time you should have verifying their viability.

Does the company have an ISO certification? You want to deal with a pet cage manufacturer that provides consistent quality each and every time. If they have the ISO rating then you can have some peace of mind knowing the organization takes their quality control processes seriously otherwise they would not invest in this designation. If you bought a cage from a company that did not have this classification you may find yourself getting a cage that is not suitable for pets!

Getting the Best Deal on the New Iguana Cages

Compile a list of all the retailers that are selling the specific type and size of iguana cage you are interested in buying. When you have the names of the retailers you need to perform a comprehensive price comparison to find out who is going to give you the best bang for your buck. To do this price comparison effectively you have to look at both the asking price and the cost to ship the cage to your home. When you have both of these amounts then you should be able to determine whether the price being charged is competitive or should you move on to the next prospective retailer until you find the one that is going to give you the best possible deal.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

After you have made the purchase you should try to air out the cages to make sure there is no residual chemicals from the warehouse the cages were stored in. If you are concerned about chemicals then another option would be to wash the cages but only use soaps that are safe for pets just in case your iguana licks the cage they won’t get sick. When you have covered these items you should be able to provide your iguana with a great cage they will enjoy for many years to come.