Getting Real Results with Kayla Itsines Workout

You might set a new year’s resolution to start working out more. You might go further and promise to eat healthy, so you can finally get that bikini body you want. You might also discover that you don’t know the best way for the starting off your new healthy lifestyle. Thankfully you are not alone and many people have been in your situation. You are in good company so keep reading and you will learn how one girl made a cool Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review to show others that if she can do it so can they! The best part about the Kayla Itsines workout is something that many other weight loss programs can’t guarantee…it works.

Is this Hype or Happiness?

As soon as the review starts you are introduced to the girl who gave the Kayla Itsines workout a try. From the first photo, we see she is far above her ideal body mass index. She looks depressed but also determined to turn things around from here on out. So, we begin to read about how she started to try the program out and was getting some initial results. The confidence she felt when she was following the guidebook made her excited to continue trying new recipes. As the review gets going you can see what a huge adjustment she made to her lifestyle by making specific dietary changes.

Motivated by Love and Inspired to Change for the Best

Our brothers and sisters may tease us like no other it’s true, but they are also amazing at saying just what we need to hear, for us reach our true potential. When the girl who tried Kayla’s program began to feel discouraged, her sister was there to get her back on the track to health again. After doing her research about the program and seeing other real life transformations this young girl was ready to go all in! The combination of feeling support from her sister to get her health together, mixed with confidence of knowing that she could get the same results as the picture that first attracted her was more reason to go for it.

Pros and Cons of the BBG Fitness Program

Kayla Itsines workout

It’s a lot easier to point to all the things that attracted us to the Kayla workout program and some things that might have been improved upon. Some of the plusses and minuses the review points out are things like:

·    Doing boring repetitive exercises never leads anywhere positive which is exactly why Kayla mixes it up with a random low impact exercise of your choosing.

·    One thing that the reviewer mentioned she didn’t like was how there was no mention of the equipment that would be needed to get the most out of the program. (Nothing major is required only a jump rope and some dumb bells.)

·    The exercises get easier with repeated practice and with time you may even try new challenges you haven’t attempted in years.

Overall the review for Kayla Itsines training program is one to definitely consider purchasing. You will not be alone when you join the tons of other people who have reached their fitness goals through this amazing program.